Stops & Menu 2/8-2/10 2012

Wed. Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Blvd. 11:30-1:30

Thursday 23500 Mercantile in Beachwood 11:30-1:30

Friday – Cleveland Clinic 10000 Cedar Rd. 11:30-1:30

$8.oo Swine & Egg-Roasted Pork Shoulder, fried egg, creamy polenta & spinach


$7.oo Beef Brisket Soft Tacos- horseradish crème, cheddar & tomato salad


$7.oo Chicken Marsala- lemon-thyme Marsala sauce & redskin mashed potatoes


$5.oo Root Vegetables & Lentil Stew-  roasted turnips,  parsnips, carrots, onions, and lentils simmered with garlic greens and coriander dust


$7.oo Portabella Sandwich- spinach, feta, pickled veggies & roast carrot aiole


$7.oo Peanut BBQ Pulled Pork - slow roasted Ohio pork shoulder on Brioche bun


$3.oo Sides:     Mash/Polenta/Chef’s veg/Soup/Spinach salad

$2.oo  Truck Made Chips                    Beverages:   cans- $1.oo

$1.oo Fresh Baked Cookie                            Lg. bev- $2.oo

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